more importantly:

omg i have an agent!

i'm like a real writer now. with real writerly aspirations. oh wait. nope. wait. scratch that. i was all of those things before i landed an agent, too. the agent part means that i've finally made a new friend.

oh. nope. nope wait. no, not that either apparently. my agent's waiting on my background check to clear before she accepts my offer of friendship.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i want to give something away because i'm just so darn excited about this agent/blog thinger majigger.

i will. soon i will do one of those fancy pantsy (not even a word) contests with prizes! real, honest-to-goodness PRIZES!


first i must recover from this flu. my head is a little spinny. (also not a real word.)

basically i wanted to say hello, and point out that no one reads this blog.

but that will change! i promise.

i make lots of promises. good ones, too.

time for caffeine.
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