i feel like i haven't talked to you in ages! 

how ARE you? how've you been?? how's the writing? are the cats still climbing all over your keyboard? are you getting enough coffee every day? what about chocolate? are you eating enough chocolate?

things are crazy crazy over here. but i'm sure you already knew that. if i'm leaving the house it's pretty much to catch a plane or to run an errand and i've been shopping online so much lately that i now officially have my credit card number memorized. (i still haven't decided whether or not i'm delighted by the efficiency of this new development or horrified by how easy this makes it for me to buy things online.) 

one of these days i'm actually going to sit down and write a real blog post that has some kind of useful information in it, but for now it seems i'm destined to tell you stories about not being able to find my pants (my mother bought me 3 sets of pajama bottoms after i wrote that post -- not even kidding -- and told me to keep them with me at all times) or about nothing, really, at all. 

mostly i'm just checking in to say hi. (hi hi!) i also have some updates re: book stuff, but i'll shove that in at the end somewhere. 

here are some things i have been doing lately:

1. eating a lot of peanuts. they are very nice, peanuts. crunchy and full of protein, apparently. though, full disclosure: i think i prefer them dipped in chocolate. i actually sat next to an extraordinarily charming lady on the plane who told me about her son and his severe allergy to peanuts. she can't even touch peanuts and be near him without him going into anaphylactic shock. the stewardess then chose that exact moment to give us little bags of peanuts which, apparently, they still do on some flights, and i was really hungry so i ate mine and felt tremendously guilty the whole time. i think i needed to confess that to someone.
2. watching modern family. oh my god. my new favorite show ever. everrrrrr
3. pining for Mindy Kaling's (she plays 'Kelly' on The Office) memoir, IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME? um, so, Mindy Kaling is the epitome of hilarious and i'm really into funny-lady memoirs lately. i read BOSSYPANTS recently (Tina Fey) and i cried i laughed so hard. so super excited about this book.
4. i may or may not have fangirled Brian Selznick at SCIBA last weekend. i was so giggly and awkward and he was so classy and he was wearing gold shoes! gold shoes, guys. also i got 2 copies of WONDERSTRUCK signed. one of them is for YOU! i'll be giving that away at some point.
5. apparently i'm going to be on TV in Mumbai. i know, right? random and awesome. this Mumbai television station did a quick segment on me at NYCC. if i ever get a link i'll share it with you guys.
6. mmmmmm that's kind of it, actually. just been doing a lot of pre-pub stuff. lots of traveling, meeting super cool people, missing all of you, trying not to think about the fact that SHATTER ME is coming out in 20 days (oh good god) and trying to remember to do that thing where i sleep when the sun goes to China.

gah! speaking of book stuff. i've gotten a ton of questions about which/what formats SHATTER ME will be available in, as well as when they'll be released. 

so. here are some Things To Know:

SHATTER ME will be available in the following formats, and 
they'll all be available on November 15, 2011.

1. US Hardcover (self-explanatory!)
2. International Edition (which is issued in paperback, in English, and will be available in certain open territories like Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and across the Middle East (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, etc.)
3. Audio Book (WMA and Audible)
4. E-book (Nook, Kindle, iBookstore, etc.)
andddddddd as an
4. ENHANCED E-book. the Enhanced E-book is basically the swanky version of a regular E-book. the EEB comes with the full text of the novel, plus a ton of bonus material -- behind the scenes stuff: the official book trailer, police files, medical records, "Persons of Interest" profiles, propaganda posters, and an entry from the personal log of the antagonist in the book. so it's basically a more comprehensive, interactive look at the story.

i hope that info helps clarify some things.

SO. what are you guys up to? read any good books lately?

<3 <3 <3



so, there were a bunch of things i was going to update you on today, but i think that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. because i just got finished copies of SHATTER ME in the mail and i'm feeling a little weepy.

and i thought i'd share them with you.

this one is sitting in my editor's office!
sorry it's kind of blurry.

this is a shot of the US hardcovers and the international paperback editions. to date, SHATTER ME has sold in 20 territories (where it'll be translated and repackaged for each), but it'll also be available in certain open territories as an international edition in places like Canada, Singapore, Malaysia & across the Middle East (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, etc). the international edition is always a paperback -- it looks very similar to the ARC, actually.

i'm feeling all kinds of emotional right now. i really didn't think it would hit me this hard, seeing the final copy in my hands like this, but it's pretty damn surreal. i can't wait to share the book with you, and i can't wait for you to be able to see it for yourselves. the interior details are so innovative and gorgeous and i'm just blown away by all that Harper has done.

i think i might go cry a little now.

big big hugs.




the launch party will be held in Aliso Viejo, CA (which is about 2 miles from Laguna Beach, just to give you an idea of the area) and this event is very near and dear to my heart because it's being hosted by my alma mater. (the tiny little liberal arts college i've always talked about!) they've been kind enough to take care of all the details of this event and they're opening it up to the public for everyone to attend -- so if you come, you'll get to see where i went to college! and you'll get to meet my whole family and my professors and my classmates and really, it'll be like some quasi-family reunion, so, hm, maybe you're not into that at all, actually, but either way! i really hope you can come! there will be yummy food and i will probably have to talk about book stuff and i'll sign things and i'll get to hug you guys and finally say hello in person! :D :D

if you can make it, please RSVP (or leave a comment if you don't have Facebook!) on the official Facebook event page (LINK HERE!) so that we can have an accurate tally for how much food (and how many books!) we should order.



heart heart heart



i am back from the first leg of my travels! 
what does that even mean, anyway! the first leg! it sounds ridiculous!

okay total digression here, but am i the only one who gets idioms confused? i tend to say things like "that just flew right around my head!" and "it's like i've been living under a cave or something!" and "don't fill all your eggs with one basket!" and i don't know, but somehow my words of wisdom tend to go unappreciated.


i'm back for a bit before i leave for NYC this weekend (COMICCON! you are coming, yes? OF COURSE YOU ARE! you should totally come to THIS THING WHERE I WILL BE ahem ahem.)

but i have a couple of things to tell you before i disappear again:

  1. after much deliberation, the details of the SHATTER ME launch party have been finalized. i will have more information for you very soon (next week at the latest), but! if you are anywhere in and/or around the Southern California area and you are interested in attending, please save the date for November 16th! (the book releases on the 15th, but the launch party will be held on the 16th.) and you're all invited! it will be fun times, i tell you. you'll get to meet my mom.
  2. SHATTERDAY IS ALMOST HERE! so. Shatterday is one of the very exciting things that Harper has created in anticipation of the release. it's on a SATURDAY (get it? SATURDAY? SHATTERDAY? i lolled with glee when i first figured that out) -- October 22nd, to be exact. and all the details are on the official FB page. it's a 24-hour online event offering exclusive previews from the book (chapter reveals every hour), amazing giveaways, and a Livestream-thing with yours truly. i don't actually know what a Livestream-thing is, on account of i've never done one before, but i think it involves me talking into a camera. live. anyhow! maybe, if you like, you could attend? :D
  3. the first chapter of SHATTER ME is online! i don't really have many coherent words for this. only that it feels like someone has pulled my pants down in front of everyone and i am smiling a lot and trying to ignore the fact that my pants have been pulled down in front of everyone. if you want to read it, you can find it here. ahhhhhhhhhhhh
that is all the things for now!

i think!

but holy crap guys, the book is out in a little more than a month. 


please excuse me while i go search for my brains, they seem to have fallen out somewhere.

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