oh look i made a vlog! there are secrets inside! ahhhhhh!





i've been so bad, guys. 

i have like six drafts of six different, incomplete blog posts just sitting on my dashboard and somehow, none of them seem right. so i've been tiptoeing around my blog, hoping to be struck by inspiration for writing something interesting and/or awesome, and mostly shirking my responsibilities as a blogger. it's been so bad. (also there are other things, like the writing-of-books and the touring-for-the-books and the matter of rolling around in piles of fresh laundry, but we all know that these are just EXCUSES! amiright?) (oh hey, while we're not even on the topic, i'd like to point out that i've finally updated all my tabs! look how nice and organized and information-filled they are now! hopefully i will continue to actually update these things! like a grown up! etcetera!)


the point is, i realized that i'd forgotten the most wondrous blog post topic of all. i've neglected it, actually. completely overlooked it. and that is the simple matter of The Giving Away of The Books. because omg i have a problem, guys, and it's called HEYYYY HOW ABOUT WE GET TAHEREH OUT OF THE BOOKSTORE. lucky for you, this problem has resulted in my desk/living room/bedroom/kitchen being overrun by books, and this has become an actual life hazard, what with the stubbing of my toes and whatnot, and so. i am going to give a lot of them to you. a lot of them.

believe it or not, i actually have a TON of my own books to give away, most of which i'll be donating to my local libraries, but! i have set aside a few to give away here. six, to be exact.

so i've put together six (6) prize packs, three (3) books each.
which means there will be 6 winners.

here's what you can win:

#1: Blood Red Road (SIGNED), Hallowed, Shatter Me (SIGNED) 
#2: Legend, The Fault in Our Stars, Shatter Me (SIGNED)
#3: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, Under the Never Sky, Shatter Me (SIGNED) 
#4: Spoiled, Wonderstruck (SIGNED), Shatter Me (SIGNED) 
#5: How to Save a Life, Cinder, Shatter Me (SIGNED)
#6: All These Things I've Done, Where Things Come Back (2011 Printz & Morris Award Winner), Shatter Me (SIGNED)

eh? eh?
not too bad, huh?

now, for those of you who are familiar with my blog, you pretty much know the contest rules. but for all my new friends, here is the rundown:

random.org is going to choose 6 winners, and to be eligible, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me you want to win.

that's it.

promotion is not necessary! but if you do tweet or blog or myface or spacebook or tumblr or hire a guy to write my name in the sky, please let me know in the comments.

+1 for every time you link to this contest on your twitter, facebook, etc. (up to 5 extra entries!)
+2 if you link to this post on your blog.
(please leave links so i can find them)

THAT'S IT! easy, right?

my contests, as always, are definitely absolutely international, and the contest will end 

WEDNESDAY, February 22nd, 2012 at 11:59 PST.

look at how easy it is to blog. bahaha i'm such a cheater.

happy thursday, everyone!
maybe your days be merry and full of chocolate.

heart heart heart.

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